I manage all stages of Internet projects: from technical assignment development to launch and further development
I specialize in corporate websites, information and news portals, landing pages, educational and e-commerce projects: online stores, online services and newsletters
Michael Martynov
Digital Project Manager
I have been managing Internet projects for 8 years already — from a tiny online store or online business card to the corporate portal of the largest Russian metallurgical holding company.

I launch most projects from nothing: I analyze business requirements and develop a technical assignment, manage development and launch, implement Internet marketing and analytics tools.

I worked as an account manager on the part of an agency, so I have an insider's knowledge. Later I switched sides and became a manager of Internet projects on the part of the customer to delve into long-term projects. The experience gained on both sides of the process helps compose such a mix of business requirements and opportunities of Internet technologies to get the most at the end. In addition to large budgets and work with TOP-5 Russian agencies, I develop limited-budget projects, since I know how to do a lot with my own hands. More information about my experience and skills is available below.

From a professional point of view I'm interested in educational projects, automation services and bringing products that make life easier and free from daily routine to the market. Since I believe that the global mission of technology is to improve the quality of life of an ordinary person.

What I Can
  • Delegate. Monitor. Give feedback
  • Plan. Fuck up. Deal with fuckups. Create a working product
  • Understand programmers and designers. Talk one language with them
  • Conduct a constructive peer-to-peer dialogue with customers
  • Work with documents: create and get (sometimes by force)
  • Communicate with customers in such a way as to prevent them from walking over and avoid negative vibes, dampen down all controversies
  • Use SCRUM, KANBAN, PLANNING POKER and other modern tools and approaches
  • Interact with employees: set tasks, delegate authorities, encourage, scold and, if necessary, fire
  • Administer the following CMS: 1C-Bitrix, Microsoft SharePoint, Wordpress, Joomla, Tilda
I am great on psychology, I know usability principles, I understand web technologies, I have good taste, I know how to negotiate.
My Projects
Grant Competition "Let's Do It Together!"
The programme of citywide grant competitions initiated by Metalloinvest.

Project objectives:
1. Creation of a single platform ensuring effective communication of the Company with the target audience in each city of Competition implementation.
2. Active involvement of citizens of cities of presence and provision of information on the progress of competition implementation.
3. Selection of the best projects of the competition in the format of online voting.
4. Optimization of the process of applications collection and processing in online mode.
Yoga Journal
Yoga Journal — No. 1 in Russia among resources about yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Yoga Journal introduces its readers to the best teachers from all over the world, who tell about yoga practice, meditation, philosophy, spiritual development, health, nutrition, etc.

Project objectives: Upgrade the existing website, reorient the media to the digital format.
A distributor of premium quality lubricants that has been operating for twenty years already.

Project objectives:
1. Enter into the active stage of expansion into the Russian lubricants market. Consolidate the positions that the company held and take up new ones. Petrolube has an impressive portfolio of global brands, so it was required to present it on the website at its finest.
2. Communication with target visitors — existing and potential dealers and buyers. Any user task should be easily solved, no matter what it is — searching for products, viewing the dealer network or studying the presented brands.
3. Scaling focused on eCommerce.
Metalloinvest Corporate Forum of Youth Initiatives
The Corporate Forum of Youth Initiatives is held at all major enterprises of Metalloinvest. The objective of the event is to involve young specialists (under the age of 35) in the process of solving company's actual problems in the area of production, information technologies, labor organization, personnel and social tasks by developing and protecting project initiatives.

Project objectives:
1. Organization of a single information space and a tool for target audience efficient communication within the project.
2. Automate collection and evaluation of project initiatives at all stages of implementation.
Iron Magazine in-house publication
The in-house magazine devoted to key events and trends in the global and Russian economy, their impact on mining and metallurgy.

Project objective: redesign the old version of the magazine.
Online store "Instrumentalny Mir" ("Tool World")
A network of specialized stores and service centres for household and professional tools and garden equipment in Vladimir and Ivanovo regions.

Objectives: technical support and functional development of the online store.
Testimonials of Customers and Partners
  • Marina Akhrari
    Head of PETROLUBE Marketing Department
    We hired Michael for a specific task — to breathe new life into our old website and online business. It was necessary to show that our company has been developing, creating new points of interaction with our target audience.

    Michael showed himself both as an effective project manager and a highly trained designer focused on business tasks. Prototypes were developed jointly with our marketing department, a technical assignment was elaborated, and a Contractor was chosen. Michael supervised the launch process and was engaged in further technical support of functional development.

    It is especially valuable when the employee not only performs the assigned tasks, but also actively offers new interesting ideas for the improvement and development of the project. Michael was such an employee for us. He always tried to get to the bottom of the matter to find solutions that could bring maximum benefit.

    I want to note another good and important quality of Michael — he always tried to improve his knowledge, develop his skills and learn the latest trends in his professional field.

    It's nice to deal with responsible people who live their own business. That's why we continue our friendshipp and cooperation".
  • Alexey Amelichkin
    Project Manager in Uplab Digital Agency
    I'd like to say thank you to Michael for the excellent joint work on projects of the Corporate Forum of Youth Initiatives and grant competition "Let's do it together!". It is not usual to work with an adequate manager on the part of the Customer. Few people understand that the success of a project depends on both parties, and it is extremely pleasant when there is a person who is not indifferent to the project on the other side.

    I'm looking forward to new joint projects!
  • Evgeny Momzikov
    Head of STARLUBE Marketing Department
    Michael helped us with technical support and functional development of our website. The work was very diverse: from the development of new functionality to "burying ourselves" in Excel tables.

    I am pleased with our cooperation. We continue to keep in touch and share our experience over a glass of beer.
  • Anton Grishin
    Production Director in ADN Digital Studio
    High involvement of the customer's project manager is a great joy for any web production.

    Over one and a half years of our cooperation our team jointly with Michael worked their way from the start of development to the hard work on technical support of website petrolube.ru. Michael showed himself as a highly skilled manager, who understands both processes and technical aspects of working on the product.

    It's great when any task on the project is perceived as common. This allows achieving the coolest results without delays and headaches.
Projects and Partners
Over 6 years of work I managed to participate in a large number of projects and find friends in a variety of companies
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